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Visit us in our NEW location. Phenix Salon Suites 100 Sansburys Way #102. On the border of Wellington in Dicks Sporting Good shopping center! Why choose us? We are the original spray tan pros since 2009, a Luxury cosmetic brand & a worldwide Spray Tan Academy. We invite you to experience the best spray tan in the Wellington/West Palm Beach Area.


Treat yourself to a Custom
Perfect Glow Spray Tan.

No orange - No odor and get desired results in just one 20 minute session. With our rapid option you can rinse off in just 1-4 hours! GET YOUR GLOW ON

Color Created Just For You. Experience A CustomLuxury Tan For Any Occasion.

Perfect Glow Sunless products are made with organic & natural based ingredients. PETA appoved & cruelty free, our luxury product line has earned 5 star reviews from both salons and customers worldwide.

Some benefits of spray tanning are that it will help prevent skin damage, wrinkles and skin cancer. It will also help camoflauge cellulite & stretch marks, make teeth appear whiter and make you look thinner. Just a few of the great reasons to try it out!

Spray tan services are by appointment only located on the Border of Wellington/West Palm/Royal Palm Beach Florida. Get the best spray tan today! Servicing Palm Beach, Wellington, Boynton Beach, lake Worth, Loxahatchee, Palm Beach gardens, Jupiter, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm beach and the surrounding areas.


What people are saying


First time tanning and I loved it. Mirca really made me feel comfortable and explained the process thoroughly. I will definitely be back soon ❤️

Yanelin Yanes   

Mirca! Can’t wait to show off my glow in Vegas! Thank you for accommodating my schedule and making the tanning process so easy and fun. Can’t wait to do it again:)


Mirca was great!! Loving my spray !! The suite is so cute !! Loved my experience today!!


Mirca did such an amazing job on my tan! The whole experience was great from start to finish. Mirca was very knowledgeable on the products used and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Highly recommend! I love my tan!

Karen Hicks- The Hair Doctor   

I am salon owner. I have owned a tanning salon and hair salon. I have tried many different products both personally and professionally. I haven’t found one that performs as this one does. The application is easy for people who have never done it and it is appreciated by people who are pros at self tanner. It fits the bill for both. The color is realistic, the application a breeze and the price point for resale is competitive. Do yourself a favor, sell it in your salon.

Erica Knight   

I've purchased from other companies and received products that make me orange and stink. Bottles have been just thrown in a bag with no protection (received damaged, leaking everywhere) and shipped to arrive in over a week, even though self tanners are heat sensitive. Not with Melissa.
She really has created products with the consumer in mind. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and look natural. The new look of the bottles represent the brand. She has a whole line of tanning self care to meet your needs at once. And the prices are great! PLUS Melissa's products are individually wrapped and placed in a box with protection and shipped super quick. I've never had an issue and have been a customer for 2+ years.


As a former NPC competitor and bikini model, I have a lot of experience with spray tan. I have used many providers and wish I found Melissa sooner! Melissa's service far exceeds anyone in the market. Her attention to detail, ability to focus and professionalism are second to none. Plus! Her custom color is beautiful/natural and for once I don't have to worry about the color staining clothes, towels or sheets. I recommend her rapid tan. Her products are great as well - they smell great and do exactly what they are supposed to do. In my opinion, Melissa's company is vastly underrated, and lucky for us, she is available at the time you want and a price that is fair. I give her 5 stars.


Melissa did a great job with my spray tan. My tan lasted for good 5 days. The solution that she uses is odorless which makes it much easier to leave on for longer periods of time. She uses organic products, I did not feel itchiness or allergic reactions. The color was not orange at all, but a very nice tan. I would definitely recommend Melissa.

Billie Jo Powers   
Author Picture

For those who know me, know how much I protect my skin and stress the importance of skincare. I prefer to use a sunless tanner with SPF, especially during the winter months on the East Coast. My girl Melissa has me taking her tanning solution with me everywhere I go. One of my travel must have's is @mwtanningbeauty

Dolores Catania-Real Housewives of NJ   
Author Picture

"Getting my glow on with @glowmondy for Miami. The products he uses by @mwtanningbeauty is the absolute best stuff that anyone has EVER used on me! You all need to try this stuff & they have a full line of self tanning & body care products that you can use at home. No smell, no orange and not sticky!"

Author Picture

Melissa is a tanning rockstar! As someone who is very meticulous about my style, Melissa did an amazing job. My color looks 100% natural and I'm getting amazing feedback. I especially love the contour and the color that I get from it!

Nikki Santoro   
Author Picture

I get the rapid tan and it truly is The Perfect Glow! The color is sooo natural and even! I was nervous to get a spray tan for the first time and Melissa made me feel so comfortable . I am now hooked on spray tans!


Melissa was great, the location was easy to find, clean and private! Last minute appointment was easily accepted & my tan was very natural looking. I will go again

Sinead Hynes   

At last a spray tan that looks natural and lasts. Perfect colour, excellent products. Also used the mousse and it's so quick and convenient. No more faked tanned sheets or having that sticky feeling of wearing tan all day. The moisturizer is also an excellent product it's light, non sticky, fresh smell and totally keeps the tan hydrated. I have been using fake tan for 20 years and this is by far the best product I have ever used.


This was a great experience. Melissa was very comforting and professional. Her website very informative to someone like me who has never done this before. I went to try it out and see how it would do for someone like me with a less than perfect body. I felt very comfortable and the results were amazing. Thanks Melissa!

Giana C   

Melissa was wonderful and made my first airbrush experience a great one! The process was super easy and the color turned out perfect. I got many compliments from friends on how great it looked. Will definitely be using her in the future for weddings and other events!


Melissa is the best spray tanner I have used hands down. Always flawless and love that I can do a ️rapid tan and shower quicker . But even when I do the regular it's not sticky. I Love her body lotions as well as it makes a huge difference . My tan lasts almost 2 weeks ! Her products are truly superior to other Salons that I have tried in Florida & New York !


I've tried several hand applied spray tans in Palm Beach County and I was beginning to lose hope- until I found Melissa. It was well worth the 30 minute drive to Wellington for my first session with Melissa! She selected the blend and it came out perfectly. Definitely my new go-to for spray tanning!


I saw the mousse on Instagram, read some reviews, & quickly decided to buy. I'm SO glad I did! I've experimented with the duration I leave it on, and I think 3 hours is my sweet spot. I usually apply it the afternoon before or the morning of the occasion I'm using it for, but I think I will start using it regularly until I get some real sun. It's easy to apply with the mitt, and rinsing it off means less odor, lower chance of streaming or uneven patches, (and no staining your sheets). I was afraid of not being able to moisturize before or after applying (like with most self-tanners), but the formula includes coconut oil & other moisturizing ingredients that leave my skin happy, even after rinsing! Also, I'm really happy with the resulting's so natural. A girl at work (who is used to me having pale skin) looked at me when I walked in and said, "you look so nice and tan! Where did you go?" This was two days after applying! Thanks so much, Melissa.


Working in the medical field my tan always fades the fastest on my hands from the excessive washing! Your tan extender keeps my hands in balance with the rest of my sunless tan! Best extender I've ever used.

Author Picture

I was always skeptical about self tanning products, because every time I have used one it either made me streaky or orange. I tried the Melissa Weinberg brand rapid mousse and instantly fell in love! It is affordable, goes on SO easy and even & I was so bronzed. I use it for everything. Photo shoots, events and my daily life I highly recommend the rapid tanning mousse :) @Nicholefreedom

Angela H   

This was an absolutely wonderful experience. This is the best spray tan I have every had, and I have had The spray tan itself looks perfect. You really cant tell its a spray tan at all. Not even on my hands or feet. My husband and I both received the rapid tan and are so happy with the results. Melissa was also about to spray us in less than 20 minutes and we were on our way

Ellie Nyberg   

Melissa was wonderful and made my first airbrush tanning experience a great one. The color turned out perfect. Very happy and will definitely use her again to maintain my glow.


Best tanning mousse ever no lie! I have worked at a tanning salon and this is so easy to apply & gives you perfect results!

Deb Mullaney   

Always love my tan!
I've been using Melissa for over a year and she never disappoints . The color is Natural and ️beautiful . I even drive almost 45 minutes to get a tan from her because no else in the area compares! A highly skilled pro and great service

Britny Benett   

I told Melissa that I wanted a "I go the the beach tan" but not a competition dark color. She literally perfected the color and I couldn't be happier. I will continue to get tanned by her

Tiffany Matorella   

Melissa Weinberg all I can say is “holy wow” this is by FAR the best smelling, smoothest gradual tanning lotions have ever used and probably the best smelling lotion all together! I love it! Thank you!!!!!!

Brady Rimes   

The rapid tan from Perfect Glow Sunless is the only thing I use for spray tanning and the mousse formula works as good as the spray tan. I use this to keep up and extend my spray tan. I have done many product reviews for other brands and have stopped doing them. That is because Melissa Weinberg tanning mousse t is the only self tanner that does not break me out! This is also the only self tanner that does not clog my pores or leave my skin patchy. I also suffer from psoriasis on my elbows and this product does not activate a breakout.


My skin gets extremely dry in the winter and I have been using the gradual tan lotion and it has done wonders for my skin! Thank you for making such awesome and natural products !


I just wanted to say how amazing your tanning mousse is! I was the winner of your 500 follower giveaway this summer and I cannot believe how awesome your products are! I've tried several other self tanners and your completely blows them out of the water! Over Thanksgiving all of my relatives were asking about my beautiful tan & of course I had to rave about your products! They all will be ordering and I will too as mine is almost gone, Thank you so much!!


I have always been super leery of self tanners but this one is different! Def one of my highly recommended MUST HAVES for any of my clients- My Sunless by SJ


Perfect Tan Every Time
I tan with Melissa frequently! I love the products she uses as well as her application. It never looks streaky and I always look as if I have been in the sun tanning. The best part is that it last for days! Melissa is professional and always is available to answer any questions! She always puts her customers first and does anything she can to accommodate them. I would not go anywhere else!!

Becky Sermer   

I just had my wedding in Palm Beach last week and was extremely nervous about getting spray tanned before. I have had bad spray tan experiences in the past and after reading great reviews about Melissa so I decided to try it out. From the moment I reached out to Melissa several months ago, she immediately made me feel comfortable and I could already tell how professional and knowledgeable she was. She was so responsive and incredibly flexible with my crazy wedding weekend schedule that changed every week. She just made everything so easy. A couple days before my wedding, she came to my hotel and spray tanned me in my room. It was SO convenient. She is so incredibly nice and as I mentioned above, she's extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable. The tan was unbelievably perfect. I have never gotten such a natural, beautiful looking spray tan. All of my guests commented on my tan and could not believe that it wasn't a real tan. I sadly don't live in Florida so I'm disappointed I can't get this every couple months! I am already well into my honey moon and the tan is still looking unreal. I am so thankful to her and I want to assure EVERY bride that you will be sooo happy with the spray tan!!! Thank you so much Melissa!!

Brooke Eden Music   
Author Picture

Being a Florida girl, I am used to having a tan. But living in Nashville and constantly being on the road makes it tough! I have tried so many spray tan solutions and self tanning products but I have found the perfect solution with Melissa's products! It is fast yet provides an absolutely flawless tan. I get compliments constantly and it makes me feel like I am back in the Sunshine state without all the harmful UV rays :)

Author Picture

This mousse is one product that I will rave about over and over and use all year long! Who doesn't want a sun kissed glow? I call this my "Miracle foam" because it makes my Casper skin golden tan, streak free and NO funky orange color that come with other self tanners! I seriously recommend this to everyone looking to get a great tan without having to use dangerous tanning beds. @cleaneats_kenzie


I am obsessed with this tanning mousse! Way better color and dries quicker than any other product I have tried. Looks so good!

Donna Nuro   

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE the self tanning mousse! Brilliant. Even the Kardashians couldn't get it right with all of their money. I can't wait to purchase more.

Author Picture

I seriously can't remember the last time I was in a tanning bed. This tanning mousse is amazing and I have never seen a better color! It is so affordable too. I used to tan a couple of times a week but with this mousse I can get even darker plus it is stress and skin damage free. And it really does last! I love this product :)

Chris Marchant   
Author Picture

A good tan brings out so much more definition in your physique. Melissa contacted me through instagram @fit_coastie and sent me the self tanning mousse to try out. This product was very easy to use and went on streak free and completely odorless. I definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting a great tan!


I am completely OBSESSED with this mouse. by far the BEST all around self tanner on the market and I have tested them all! Scared to sell at my salon as they will no longer need me to airbrush tan them. BUT I’m sure that won’t be the case as I will target my girls that already use self tanners (every day) and come to me for special occasions


Hi Melissa, my daughter is a client of yours. She recently started using your body lotion and she let me try it. Well, I wanted to steal it from her! I am an older woman and your skin gets dryer the older you get. Well, I purchased my own bottle and started using your lotion and now my skin feels like silk. I love the aroma, silky feeling and it has made my skin more hydrated then it has been in years. I started telling my friends about it and I am sure you will hear from them also, Just wanted to thank you for a great product.

Shalyn M   

The best! I have been going to Melissa for years now and she is absolutely wonderful. I am very fair skinned and she really knows how to make my tan look natural. I drive 45 minutes just to see her! Melissa is so professional and I would highly recommend her. she recently sprayed me for my wedding :)


Your tanning mousse is a million times better than any store one I have ever bought. It is natural, no streaks and dries super fast! I am addicted. Thank you so much.

Denise Kemp   

I LOVE my tan, so natural, even and NO orange. Melissa really makes sure you get the most even bronzed tan. SO customized to what you want, the booth spray tans can't take your knuckles and feet into consideration and you end up looking like you've had a BAD spray tan! Melissa's tan fades evenly -really great. I hadn't had tan lines in years cause i avoid the sun like crazy!- Thanks Melissa :)


JoAnn said:
I was hesitant to get a spray tan (afraid of turning orange) and after a few months considering I let Melissa spray me, She set a tent in the bathroom and mixed a solution she said was best for my skin coloring. The process was quick and I loved having an instant tan, color was pretty, the next morning when I showered I had a beautiful natural color, even the girls at work said that if they didnt know me they would think I went to the beach that weekend! I used the special lotion she recommended and the tan lasted over a week and faded naturally, Thanks again and I will be getting another one right before my vacation.

Jack Buell   

Melissa did a great job. Very professional. I was concerned that I would come out looking like George Hamilton and she assured me that would not be the case. I was apprehensive but my results were absolutely great.


This was such a nice experience . Melissa was very professional and the tan turned out beautiful . I wasn't sticky or stinky like I get from other places. I've tried the big expensive spas and the spray tan I got from Melissa was the best I ever had ! Thank you

Staci M   

After a not so great first spray tan experience, I received several recommendations to try out Melissa for a spray tan. Immediately after meeting her, I felt completely comfortable and at ease. She spoke to us about the color we wanted and gave us her recommendation for the shade she would use on me. My tan looks so natural even my reluctant fiance agreed that it looks good! It is beautiful and streak-free! I love it! Can't wait to get it done again for my upcoming wedding.


I really enjoyed my tanning experience with Melissa. The appointment was quick, easy and affordable and the tan was very natural looking. I purchased the rapid Spray Tan and was able to take a shower to rinse off within a couple of hours. The tan was beautiful the next morning. Thank you Melissa.

Lia El Flow- I heart Radio   
Author Picture

I'm 43 so sun is not an option. Was very skeptical about spray tanning but I have to say I am a convert. I knew nothing about it nor knew Melissa personally but after meeting her for the first time, I instantly felt comfortable. She is very thorough, kind and was very patient with all my questions. This is my second day after my spray tan experience and I love, love, love the results. The color is natural and not orangey and I know for a fact I will be going back to see her soon! Thank you Mel!!

natalie Oneill   

Melissa Weinberg did an amazing job. She was very professional, fast and reasonable. I am very happy with the results.

Jennifer Tavares   

I got the rapid Tan. I was so happy with my results. I'm definitely going back. The best even natural spray tan I've ever had. Stunning glow for days!

Devon Dephillips   

It was my first time spray tanning and it looked amazing and lasted for over a week!! I would recommend Melissa Weinberg Tanning & Beauty to anyone! Thanks again


Always Happy with my beautiful tan! Always feeling so sexy after I leave the studio! Thank you Melissa!

Ally N   

I went to Melissa for the first time to trial for my wedding in 2 weeks. I absolutely loved her and her product is amazing.. I got lots of compliments on my natural look today. I will definitely be booking my next appointment for the wedding day! Ohh, and now my fiancé wants to do it too!!! Thank you Melissa for such a un experience! I'll be seeing you soon!!

Alicia Ruth   

Absolutely love my tan! Melissa and her wonderful work gave me a beautiful tan for the day of my wedding. I couldn't be more pleased with her professionalism and her quality of service:) Thank you Melissa for making you look amazing on our big day!

Ellen Porco   

Melissa's tans are very natural. It looks as if I have been in the sun for weeks. There is no odor either. The best part is with the extreme tan I can wash off in 2 hours before bed and be tan the next day. She is honest and is able to match your skin to the perfect tone that blends best with what you want. I use her often

Celia Swink   
Author Picture

Thank you Melissa for an awesome tan as usual! I love your new rapid tan proprietary blend. The color is beautiful and natural! You are simply the best! Never will go anywhere else!

Pat Mucci   

I love my tan. It's very even (even where I'm a little bumpy!) and the color is great. Melissa is super friendly, and VERY professional. She responds very quickly and was really accommodating when my schedule required a shift in my appointment. Thank you, Melissa!

Brittany Lesser   

Melissa was very accommodating and did such a great job!! My spray tan came out perfectly and exactly the way I wanted. She knows what she is doing, and even gave me specific recommendations so I would get my desired results. Best spray tan I've had!

Zoe Rodriguez   
Author Picture

Absolutely in love with this tan, service was great and the color is amazing. Would recommend to everyone!


have always been skeptical of spray tans because I am very pale and don't want to end up looking like I belong on the tv show Jersey Shore. I heard about Melissa Weinberg Tanning through a friend who is VERY picky about anything that goes in or in her body. I knew Perfect Glow had to be a good choice if she used it. I am EXTREMELY happy with my tan! I am very pale so we did a rapid tan. It's gave me a slight color and a healthy glow! Melissa is very knowledgeable about what she does and I giver her an A+!

Joann Dalbon   

Hey Melissa, We are all loving our tans. It is amazing what a good tan can do for your confidence. Diane definitely wants to be there on Friday. I don't want this to ever go away. You were wonderful!! Thank you for everything. See you on Friday


Hi Melissa, You did a wonderful job, the color came out AMAZING! Thank you so much for the follow-up, I'll definitely be telling my friends how personable you are and how great the experience was. As soon as I get some pictures I'll be happy to send you some. Also, I tried to find the facebook page you mentioned, but didn't have any luck. If you could send me a link, I'll "like" you. Thanks again for everything!


Hi Melissa, I loved my tan. I will definitely tan again. Thanks,Diane

Isabelle Valley   

Melissa...your tans are exceptional. I have been using airbrush tanning for over 3 years. I have tried many professionals. Your product and your skill outstand them all. I have received countless compliments on my tan. There has been no streaking nor uneveness. It looks so real. No one can tell. Thank you for being so meticulous when you apply. You are a perfectionist and shows. Can't wait for my next one. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Isabelle


I HIGHLY recommend Melissa to give you that extra "wow" factor on your wedding day! I was able to talk my husband into doing the spray tan as well, and although he was hesitant, he was SO happy he was airbrush tanned as well. Melissa is very professional and extremely responsive to emails, questions, concerns, etc. If you have never airbrush tanned before (like me and my husband), just shoot her an email and she'll answer any questions you have! It took a lot of stress off to know we would both look naturally tanned for our wedding day without having to worry about tan lines, sunburn, etc (not to mention it's much better for your skin!). Not one person noticed either of us had faux tans and everyone complimented at how we were both "glowing" :) Even if you're hesitant about airbrush tanning, it doesn't hurt to at least do a trial run! And best of all-- you can be tanned in the comfort of your own home (at a very reasonable price!).. Thank you Melissa for everything!

Melanie Galler:   

Melissa at Sugar Palm Spray Tan helped to make my wedding day perfect! She provided two long lasting golden tans for me and my mother for my wedding, all at a great price! We could not be happier with the results. If you are searching for a great spray tan, look no further!


I'm so happy I found the Sugar Palm. I wanted to have that glow for my bachelorette party & Melissa did just that. So much so, that I came back to her for my wedding. She was quick & the pricing is great compared to other places. My friends went to another venue and didn't get the results that I got and paid almost double what I paid. I'm so happy I found the Perfect Glow!!!


This body lotion is amazing! I use it after my spray tan and it helps it last a long time. My skin is normally very dry until I use it. Best I have used and does not irritate my skin.


Best self tanning mousse I have used. No odor and doesn't streak. And it lasts a long time. I am hooked on this stuff!

Katie Crider   

Love my tan!! Thank you

Shauna Cannon   

AMAZING TANNING EXPERIENCE!! Gorgeous, no orange color!!! No streaks, no patchy spots, just amazing rich color! All around a wonderful experience. I will be scheduling my next appointment soon, Highly recommended


BEST IN THE BUSINESS! I have been spray tanning for quite some time. Being disappointed with the commercial salons due to streaking and one size fits all unnatural appearance, I was looking for another tanning place in my area. I went to Melissa and was amazed at her level of professionalism and more importantly her knowledge of the product and how to make your ran last and look natural. She matches the color to look like I tan myself. I get compliments on my tan all the time. She is definitely the best in tanning !

Lisa- Socal Glow Spray Tanning   

I love the color from this self tanning mousse! it is easy to apply, odorless and dried so fast. max hydration too!

Erica Leeann   

I tried the self tanning mousse on myself and my mom. We only used 1 coat to keep it on the safe side. We absolutely love it! The application was easy, there was NO smell and we have absolutely NO streaks or blotches. I will definitely be switching to a faux tan rather than laying in a bed. No cancer for me.


Melissa Weinberg is a premier worldwide Airbrush Tanning expert, educator and creator of the Perfect Glow Sunless product line that is the #1 choice for many salons, spas and beauty businesses all over the world.

Since facing skin cancer Melissa created her brand to advocate for safe tanning.

Her staff promotes a body positive salon and your comfort is their main priority.

Your session will be a great experience and her lead spray tan expert Mirca will not only customize your tan for your skin tone but will also educate you on the Sunless Tanning process to ensure you get the best results!

Rest assured if you have an upcoming wedding,special event or just want a pop of color that you can trust our spray tan artists to provide you with the best spray tan and beautiful results. We look forward to giving you a Perfect Glow!



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